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Who I am

I create intoxicating experiences that excite you and Me
Crueltress Latexa
I am Crueltress Latexa, real life Dominatrix and have been involved in the BDSM kink scene for over a decade. I am always looking to add to My stable of slaves and have found that the quality of applicants is tragic. Yes, I’m demanding, and My standards are high. Chances are great that you won’t cut it, but it amuses Me when pathetic excuses for men throw themselves at Me and try.

It also delights Me when I encounter someone special.

Looks can be deceiving – I may look lovely and sweet, but I’m not. I’m a bitch, and I just might be your worst nightmare. I am a Latex Leather Mistress, having a personal fetish for both materials. I’m an experienced Dominatrix who believes in the superiority of women. To Me, men are nothing more than playthings. You exist for My amusement and pleasure, nothing more.

Feel free to entertain ME with your fantasies, but if you want to be taken seriously by Me, and have a chance to serve Me, you’re going to have to ENJOY the fact that I’m going to use and abuse you. I expect complete submission to Me: mind, body and soul.

Want to know more about Me?

I am located in the Midwest and have a dungeon in My home. I am in My early 30s (birthday is August 15…write that down) and have over a decade of experience as a Domme. I am 5’8″ and the rest you can see from My photos.

What I Like

I am especially fond of latex and leather (hence, the reason I call Myself Latexa and refer to Myself as a latex leather Mistress), and am experienced in the use of single tails. The kiss of My whip is sharp, but is a sensation you will come to crave. I appreciate men who are articulate and informed about current events, and won’t tolerate idiocy. If you are a typical idiot, be prepared to pay heavily for My attention, because it wastes My time and bores the hell out of Me.


I expect My potential toys to treat Me with respect at all times and to bring honesty and an open mind into our interactions. The first time you call Me, I will want to know more about you, your experience and your hard limits, as well as what your particular flavors of kink may be.

Bring your respect along for this ride.

What about YOU?

Start out telling Me what things you like

I need to know what things entice you and what things should be considered hard limits. For example, you may secretly want to be forced into cocksucking. If so, you will have to tell Me because I’m not a mind reader. I enjoy turning a masculine man into a beautiful sissy boy, but if this is something you are not into, let Me know before I bring out the LancĂ´me!

What Others Are Saying

“There is a reason Cruel is part of her name! WOW!”

“truly an honor every time . pleasing you Mistress is an honor”

“GREAT..she really understands the fetish and My needs!!”

“She really enjoys latex, leather. Mistress Latexxxa is a Goddess.”

“I am nothing more than a credit card on a stick.”