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How to be a male slave book coming soon!

So you would like to learn how to be a male slave? I have been training sluts like you for over a decade and realized there is a great need for a how-to manual. I’m hard at work on the book, tentatively titled “The Male Slave Almanac.”

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You can see a mock-up of the book cover design here:

how to be a male slave

How To Be A Male Slave

This book will teach you how to be a male slave, and how to behave properly so that your Mistress (or Master) is pleased and proud to show you off.

If you would like personal lessons on how to be a male slave, why not give Me a call at Niteflirt, and we can explore our interests together. If you are new to the lifestyle and just want to test the waters in a safe way with no strings attached, give Me (or one of the many fine Dommes) a call. It’s a great way to stick your toe in the pool.

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