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Male Pain Sluts

There are as many flavors of male subs as there are ice cream. Are you among the many male pain sluts? Maybe you want to be a male slave in panties! Or you're MY perfect slave, and you just live to please Me, My sweet male house boy slave. I adore the many facets of the male submissive, torture, bondage, servitude, chastity, sissies....the list is endless.

A good male sub is hard to find

What are some of the things a male slave should do to prove himself worthy of Me?

  • He should be clean. Anything less than clean is unacceptable to Me.
  • He should address Me by a term of respect: Mistress, Goddess, Ma'am, etc.
  • He will immediately remove his clothes and kneel before Me, keeping eyes down until told otherwise.
  • If the time comes that I choose to collar him, he will wear My collar at all times.
  • He will accept full ownership, that he is My pet, My toy, My property.
  • His mouth is Mine, and he will often clean My boots with his tongue. Other oral pleasures will be at My whim.
  • He will surrender himself to Me completely, without hesitation.
  • His orgasms will be under My control.

You exist to please Me, not the other way around. The sooner you learn your place, the happier I will be.

Here are some other websites to visit, where you will learn more about the world of BDSM and how to be the best male submissive you can be.

information for male submissivesJay Wiseman's Ten Tips for Submissive Women: While this article by S&M Old Guard Jay Wiseman is directed towards the female sub, his advice is timeless and completely applicable to male subs.

information for male submissivesIf you're serious about being a submissive/slave, read these "rules" from the Society of Janus, an organization in San Francisco. They're mostly common sense, but a number of you could use a refresher course in human behavior. Then spend time exploring the website. It's a good group.

information for male submissivesCastle Realm D/s Resource Library - huge collection of articles on every aspect of BDSM

information for male submissivesSexuality.org

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