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Submissive Male Humiliation

Most people in relationships use pet names, but what happens when names like sweetie and baby become bitch, cum slut and sniveling worm? That’s just one of the many variations of submissive male humiliation.

Note: On My website I generally refer to submissives in the male form. I primarily play with male subs, though I do occasionally enjoy tormenting a female slave. I play with both, have D/s relationships with men.

Now that we got that out of the way, back to submissive male humiliation!

I am a Femdom. Fervent Male Humiliation is one of the goodies in My bag of tricks that I enjoy quite a lot. There is such a huge spectrum of humiliation that each type deserves a discussion of its own, and I’ll eventually get around to that on My blog.

There are many ways to fuck with the mind of the submissive male. Humiliation is only one, but it’s definitely a favorite of Mine.

Male Humiliation Techniques

So what kinds of humiliation techniques do I employ? Verbal abuse is a standard, and something that both Dommes and male submissives love. There are a number of theories by sex researchers regarding why submissives love to be verbally abused. I don’t know the psychology of it, just that it’s real. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a slut on his knees before Me and with one stern phrase, his dick popped to full attention. Immediately.

Depending on the submissive, abuse can range from sexual slurs such as slut, whore, tramp, to laughing at a guy’s small cock.

Some men get off on racial humiliation. It’s truly the ultimate in non-PC talk, calling a man racial names or making fun of his religion. (And oddly, there does seem to be a preponderance of men of the Muslim faith needing to have their religion demeaned, along with their prophet.) I’ve had a handful of black men who wanted to be called names, and I’ve had Muslims wanting the same. But I’ve never had a man asked to be called white trailer trash or kike. Someone with a PhD in psychology or racial/religious studies might be more suited to figure that one out.

Other types of submissive male humiliation include exhibitionism – being put on display (slave auctions are fun activities for this type of yearning), being loaned out to others, being forcibly feminized or forced into a cocksucking situation, being ignored along with many other types of humiliation.

It’s important to know what your particular flavor of humiliation is. That’s why we tend to ask a lot of questions the first time you encounter a new Femdom. Humiliation runs such a gamut of experiences, and what makes one guy blow his load will completely turn off the next guy.

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male humiliation

Want to take in more about submissive male humiliation? Try here at Wikipedia’s site. It’s small, but there’s some info.